Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A Loss of Innocence

Yesterday was a rough day. Innocence lost. A little boy's heart broken. A dream shattered. Bridger grew up a little bit yesterday. He wasn't ready. It was devastating to watch. All I could do was hold him and love him and let him cry and cry. His favorite player, Matt Holiday was traded to the Oakland A's yesterday, Tuesday, November 11th, 2008.

Poor Bridger. We were in the middle of Target when we got the news. My mom came in and let us know. I was checking out Christmas ornaments when I realized my precious 5 year old was sobbing in the cart. "But Matty is my favorite! Now I won't have a favorite player." In my ignorance I say, "Well Matty can still be your favorite. You'll just have to watch him play for the A's." "But Mom," Bridger wails, "the ROCKIES are my team. They'll always be my favorite. And now I don't have a favorite player on the Rockies, and I'll never ... get ... to ... see ... Matty ... play ... for ... the ... Rockies ... AGAIN!"

By the time Dave came over last night he had begun to consider a replacement. "I'm thinking Brad" he told Dave. He didn't want to talk about it though. Wasn't ready. Poor guy. I think it'll take a while to work through this one. The big $$ of professional sports win again. A little boy's dream is shattered. And the green grass grows all around and around and the green grass grows all around...

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