Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I ironed today. I know, right? I don’t really iron. I hate to do it, first of all. Plus anytime I make an attempt Scotty usually gives me a pained look while he snatches the iron away from me, exclaiming, “do you mind?” I guess we can assume I’m also not very good at ironing.

Once when my mother-in-law Ruth was visiting she asked Bridger, “Bridger, do you know where Mommy keeps her iron?” Bridger replied, “I don’t think Mommy has an iron, but Daddy keeps his in his closet with his ironing board.”

Today though, I ironed. What, pray tell caused this momentary lapse? Well, Scott’s out of town and the boys have Karate and their uniforms needed pressing. It was pretty hilarious, and it took me forever. Oh also, when I went in just now to bring them downstairs I realized I’d forgotten one arm on Caid’s suit. I’m thinking of switching the boys to Rugby. J


Noel Nail said...

This is one of my very favorite Bridger stories. It makes me very proud of his liberated mommy. Well done, though, that you can do it if you HAVE to.

Anonymous said...

Karate is cool but rugby is wicked cool :) On the ironing note, I didn't bother ironing Madchen's karate uniform ( way too much of a hazzle)!

Theresa Hayter