Monday, 15 November 2010

Recipe for the Perfect Weekend

Eat take out Friday night.  Do no cooking.  Call and order curry from the local curry house and walk over in the rain to pick it up.  Then simply laugh, play, and make Christmas lists with your boys.  Drink a glass of wine.  Eat chocolate.  And let ‘cleaning up after dinner’ mean throwing away the take-out containers.

Mix equal parts wrestling, pillow fights, and reading Harry Potter with yummy coffee, fried eggs and squishy-sweet baby.  Throw in a date to the local coffee shop with one of the big boys complete with Cherry Cokes and more drawing.  Then walk home holding hands.  Greet the other big boy fresh from beating his daddy soundly at Risk.  Make a simple dinner.  Read more Harry Potter.  Kiss your husband lots.  Laugh at the boys’ antics.  Enjoy.

Wake Sunday morning and clean the kitchen.  It’s gotten a little out of hand.  Go to Remembrance Sunday service down the street at the village green.  Enjoy the injection of gratefulness it brings.  Make a batch of pumpkin pancakes.  Make another batch when that one is gone and this time double it.  Slather each one with as much butter as you like and lots of syrup—or smooth peanut butter and syrup if you’re so inclined.  Some are.  Be sure each boy is allowed to eat as many as his tummy will hold.  Mmmmmm… Bake pumpkin bread using a new recipe and ooooo and aaaaahhh over it’s perfect shape and texture.  Convince Caid to eat it in bites instead of crammed into his mouth all at once.  Read more Harry Potter.  Tuck the baby in for a nap.  Send the big boys to the summerhouse with all their pillows for a monumental wrestling-pillow war with their daddy.  Greet their sweaty, red happy faces at the back door with kisses and hugs.  Read more Harry Potter.  Eat Autumnal Warm Salad and wish you hadn’t drunk the last of the red wine.  Snuggle.  Read more Harry Potter.  Fall into bed exhausted, happy, and filled-up, ready to welcome the week ahead. 

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