Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2012 'Want to' List

Not ready for resolution quite yet. I hope to get there. For now, I’m starting with what I want. Knowing that I want very much to make the journey from here to there.
I want to read. 
I want to dream.
I want to create something beautiful.
I want to write something profound.
I want to clean out the basement.
I want to make new friends. Good friends. Come over right now and drink a bottle of wine (or even tea) and eat copious amounts of chocolates and let’s make right the universe or at least avoid the laundry friends. 
I want to not live so far away from my friends who fit the above bill.
I want to catch up on the laundry.
I want to be in shape.
I even want to exercise.
I really, really want to lose 10 pounds.
(The problem is that I also) want to bake chocolate chip cookies and eat most of the batch with the boys before bed then lay in bed giggling and talking until way too late and then sleep in in the morning and make pancakes and stay in our jammies all day and do nothing.
I want to laugh more with my boys.
I want to read them more books.
I want to stop nagging them and fighting them, but I want them to start picking up their clothes and stop picking their noses (for the love) and to get along.
I want to sort out a monthly budget that will eliminate stress and worry and get us halfway to a downpayment by the end of the year. 
I want to heal my guts.
I want to embrace healing in my heart.
I want to reconnect with some old friends and be better at staying in touch.
I want to mend some broken relationships.
I want to have the courage to let some relationships go.
I want to teach my boys to do the same.
I want to know how on earth to begin...
the thing is...
I want to figure out how to get up from this damn green chair. 
I want to know why it’s so hard to put one foot in front of the other.
I want to know where in the world I lost my passion. My courage. My ability to look life in the eye and get shit done. 
I want to not feel so depressed.
What about you? What is it you’re wanting in 2012?


inspiredmom said...

Well said Cori - can I just copy what you said. Let s get together for some tea or wine!

Noel said...

I want to take a writing class and a photo class. And the chocolate chip cookies thing sounds pretty good. And also, I wanna help with your "want tos." Love you.